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Wide Range of Machinery

At Hutt’s Trucking in Southeast Saskatchewan, we offer a range of services, large equipment, and trucks to haul a wide range of machinery and other heavy equipment. Our hauling trucks and other equipment list includes the following:

Transport and Set Up Buildings

Building Setup

We have trucking equipment that is sturdy enough to transport buildings of various sizes, as well as assist with their setup upon arrival at your site. Hutt’s Trucking has the largescale trucks and other tools to get this kind of job done for you efficiently, on time, and safely every time.

Pump Jack Hauling

Pumpjack Hauling

Pump jacks can be cumbersome and tough to haul with noncommercial trucks – this is where Hutt’s Trucking comes in! We have the dependable trucks and equipment to safely haul pump jacks of all sizes. Our trailers are large enough to carry all of the working parts and we guarantee your equipment will arrive wherever you need it to be in one piece.

Tank Hauling

Tank Hauling

Our heavy haul trucking is available to pull tanks of various sizes to the locations you wish. We have added two Tank Master trailers to our fleet. These trailers are equipped with a hydraulic arm and can self load 400 bbl to 2500 bbl sized tanks. Hutt’s Trucking will accommodate to any industry you work in. If you need a tank hauled, we are the crew to call!

Vessel Hauling

Vessel Hauling

Vessels can be difficult to haul because of their size and contents. At Hutt’s Trucking, we have the trucking capabilities to strategically haul vessels of any shape, size, and weight. No matter the circumstance, our crew is equipped and prepared to help you move your vessels to wherever you need them to be.

If you would like to request any equipment or services from Hutt’s Trucking in Lampman, give us a call today!


  • 50 Ton Weldco Picker
  • 45 Ton Weldco Pickers
  • Kenworth Texas Bed Trucks
  • Peterbilt Winch Truck
  • Pilot Trucks
  • One-Ton Truck


  • Double Drop Trailers
  • Flat Deck Trailers
  • Step Deck Trailers
  • Scissor Neck Trailers
  • Trombone Trailers
  • Tank Master Trailers


  • Skid Steers
  • Loader
  • 8x40 Rig Matting (available for rent)
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